We build custom software, website, and mobile apps for forward-thinking companies

Libiny Solutions LLC, Web Design, Bixby, OK

System Analysis & Architecture

Work with clients to understand business needs and to develop requirements and specifications for systems and applications.

Application Development

Develop application to meet client business goals and to provide ongoing support of client applications and software.

Business Intelligence

Design and develop databases that pool, extract, and analyze large amounts of data to provide management with insight on the overall performance of the client.

Reliable and Fast
Software Services

We don't take a "waterfall" approach to our projects — we're flexible. However, flexibility doesn't translate to a lack of deadlines or ever-growing costs; it means that you have a hand in every part of the process and your priorities are always king. Our developers periodically evaluate your top priorities and regularly update your software to reflect those goals. From functionality to aesthetics, all of our software projects are scalable, customizable, and effective strategies to optimize your business.

we create quality

Complete Solution Design
We work with our clients to find the best solution for them often sees the delivery of an on-premise solution.


Application Integration
With our in-house team of developers we're able to create effective and powerful Applications.


Information and Data Security
Data Security is vital to the success of a business.


End User Support
It is our aim to provide an exceptional end user experience every time.

Instant Support

Our knowledgeable Specialists are available to answer alll your questions.